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Inkjet Film

Inkjet Golden / Silver Surface Metalic PET Film

Inkjet Golden / Silver Surface Metalic PET Film 



Glossy Printable PET Golden/Silver Film 
Surface: Glossy /Matte/Silky/Sandy
Weight: 175gsm 
Non Waterproof for dye and pigment ink

Waterproof for sco solvent coating

Premium Coated 125um for inkjet printing, suitable for dye and pigment ink.



Pet material , golden or silver finish with inkjet coating

High definition, instant drying , non waterproof.

Suitable for both dye and pigment ink.

High Quality Inkjet Metallic Film.

Optically brilliant, smooth appearance.

The printouts are characterized by high image output, brilliance in color.


Ideal for wedding studio, shopwindow exhibition, advertisment and others.