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Other Ceramic Products

Dog Bowl

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Size: 19cm diameter & 7cm height

Material: Ceramic


Dog Bowl

Size: 19cm diameter & 7cm height

Material: Ceramic

Color: White

Diameter: 18.5cm

Height: 7.5cm

Package: Bulk pack

Packing: 34*40*34cm

Pc/Ct:  24 pieces

Gross weight: 33kgs



These decorative sublimation dog mugs will be more attactive and special when decorated with a great looking image.



Premium Grade "A" Quality Coated Mugs.

High quality coating surface for perfect image transferring  

Photo Mug Making Process:

Select your favorite photo/picture from your computer.

Print it out onto inkjet paper by common Epson inkjet printer.

Sublimation ink is required. 

Stick the paper with photo on the mug surface by heat resistant tape.

Set temperature and time moderately on the mug heat press machine (i.e. 180 degrees and 120 seconds)